Planning your loft conversion – part 3 & 4.

This blog about approval and building regs follows on from our previous blog, Planning – Concept and Design. If you haven’t read it yet, you can click here to read it now.

Approval and Building Regs.

Part 3 – The Approval:

Some loft conversion projects will not need planning permission if they adhere to certain guidelines. These guidelines can be found here. Your architect might be able to help you decide if you need planning permission, and how to apply for it.

Part 4 – The Building Regulations:

Whether you need planning permission or not, you will still need to ensure your plans adhere to the standards laid out in the Building Regulations 2010. These regulations cover new builds, extensions and conversions, and they are there to ensure that your planned build is safe and structurally sound. However, if you are unsure of anything concerning these regulations, then your local council or your architect should be able to help you.

You will need to apply for Building Regulations approval and, once approved, you have a 3-year period to complete the build. There are different types of application depending on the type of build. Each has its own application conditions, but both will require you to notify the building inspectors in advance of your build. You will also need to notify them when certain steps may be completed in the build. You can find more information about Building Regulations approval here, or you can read our blog about them here.

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