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differences in roof styles

Differences in roof styles.

by Jonathan Reed • 01/12/2017

There are many different types and styles of roof, many of which you won’t have heard of. For instance, a Jerkinhead Roof? A Mansard Roof? Saltbox? Gambrel? The list goes on! The differences in roof styles will give you a different type of space in your loft. Depending on what style you have, it may […]

Window blog image

Window styles – Skylight vs Dormer

by Jonathan Reed • 23/12/2016

If you’re struggling to make a decision on which window style you should choose, read on for a little help! A skylight window is relatively easy to fit as you don’t have to make a lot of structural alterations to accommodate it. Usually, the rafters on either side of the skylight window are doubled-up and […]

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