There are many different types and styles of roof, many of which you won’t have heard of. For instance, a Jerkinhead Roof? A Mansard Roof? Saltbox? Gambrel? The list goes on! The differences in roof styles will give you a different type of space in your loft. Depending on what style you have, it may be necessary to carry out alterations to the roof.

Below are the two most common differences in roof styles:

Gable to gable style roof.





If you have a roof that looks like the image above at both ends of your house, you have a gable to gable to roof.

These are the most straightforward to convert, and the quickest. This is because there will be no work to carry out to create a gable end to enable a loft conversion to take place.

Hipped style roof.





If your roof looks like the image above at one or both ends of your roof, then you have a hipped roof. This type of roof is a little more complicated to convert. One or both of the hipped sides will need to be removed, and built up to a gable end. This is to create the maximum space available to you for your conversion.

If you don’t have either of the above types of roof, give us a call anyway! There are many other different types of roof styles that can still be converted.

If you need any information regarding the internal structure of your roof, you can read our blog here. It contains some handy information to help you identify what type of internal roof structure you have, and whether or not a conversion if feasible. There’s also a 2 part blog on planning: Part 1, Planning – Concept & Design, and Part 2, Planning – Approval & Building Regs.

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