If you want to create an amazing space in your garage, you could do worse than to convert it into a divine dining area! Your whole family will enjoy sitting down to a meal together in your amazing new room. Much better than all having to squash round a little table in a kitchen/diner!

Create your divine dining area!

Dining table.

The centrepiece of any dining room has to be the dining table and chairs. There are so many different dining tables on the market these days it’s hard to know where to look. If you want something totally unique and different, have a look here, there are some stunning tables and chairs! If you want something a little less unique, try here.


Of course it’s not all about the table, there’s all sorts to consider! Lighting is really important to set the right mood, we love this pendant light, but there are plenty different options to choose from here. Alternatively, you could just go with low voltage LED spotlights and a dimmer switch.


You could go all out and have bookcases, a sideboard, and a welsh dresser to house all your crockery and plates. Or you could keep it to a minimum and just have the most important component of any dining room – a wine rack!!


If you’re into artwork and want some original pieces, try here, there are some fantastic artists featured here, and lots of styles of artwork available. An amazing piece of artwork can completely transform a room, and provide you with a great topic of conversation.

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