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Building Regulations

Loft Conversions & Building Regulations

by Jonathan Reed • 27/01/2017

Building Regulations – Where you stand. Loft conversions always need approval under Building Regulations (Building Regulations approval is a totally separate thing to planning permission). We would strongly recommend that you go for a full plan application and get a detailed scheme approved prior to you finding a builder. You can find some useful tips […]

Garage conversion

Why choose a garage conversion?

by Jonathan Reed • 20/01/2017

WHY AND WHAT A GARAGE CONVERSION CAN MEAN TO YOU. WHY? Why choose a garage conversion? Garages are generally intended to be used for storing cars, however, most people don’t use them for that. Generally, they keep their cars in the drive, on the street or in a car park. The garage then becomes the best […]

Fire safety

Upgrading for Fire Safety

by Jonathan Reed • 13/01/2017

Loft Conversions – upgrading for fire safety. In all cases of loft conversions, you will need to have a certain amount of fire safety work carried out. However, contrary to popular belief, loft conversions on bungalows don’t have a big effect on the fire safety of your home. The main thing you must keep in […]

Costs – Loft Conversion vs moving house

by Jonathan Reed • 06/01/2017

Costs – Loft Conversion vs Moving House. Increasing property prices and the large costs involved with relocating are stopping many people climbing the housing ladder. This is more than likely why more and more of us are opting to extend our homes. It is becoming increasingly hard to upgrade to a larger property for many […]

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