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convert your garage

Convert your garage into a kitchen!

by Jonathan Reed • 20/12/2017

Are you looking to convert your garage into a kitchen? Read on for some inspiration! Everybody knows that the kitchen is the heart of the home these days. As Jona Lewie’s famous song says “You’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties!” If you want to convert your garage into a kitchen, we have […]

divine dining

Divine Dining

by Jonathan Reed • 11/12/2017

If you want to create an amazing space in your garage, you could do worse than to convert it into a divine dining area! Your whole family will enjoy sitting down to a meal together in your amazing new room. Much better than all having to squash round a little table in a kitchen/diner! Create […]

differences in roof styles

Differences in roof styles.

by Jonathan Reed • 01/12/2017

There are many different types and styles of roof, many of which you won’t have heard of. For instance, a Jerkinhead Roof? A Mansard Roof? Saltbox? Gambrel? The list goes on! The differences in roof styles will give you a different type of space in your loft. Depending on what style you have, it may […]

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