Costs – Loft Conversion vs Moving House.

Increasing property prices and the large costs involved with relocating are stopping many people climbing the housing ladder. This is more than likely why more and more of us are opting to extend our homes. It is becoming increasingly hard to upgrade to a larger property for many reasons. The main ones being the rise in house prices and the lack of decent properties available on the current market. The huge expense of moving house, (stamp duty, solicitors’ fees, removals) does make you wonder if it is worth it.

Consequently, many homeowners have decided that the money that they would spend on moving costs, would be better spent on investing in their current homes and improving what they already have. Many homeowners are realising that more space in the form of a loft conversion is excellent value for money. A bespoke loft conversion that is tailored to your needs offers you the best use of your space. Furthermore, it offers you enjoyment for the duration you are in the property, and will also add significant value to your property when you do finally come to sell it.

Add value to your home.

According to The Independent, a loft conversion designed to create a double bedroom and en-suite will on average add 23% to the value of your property – and sometimes far more. Therefore, this makes the return on investment for a loft conversion better than any other form of home improvement. Financially, the loft conversion benefits are without question.

Stamp duty, removals, estate agents, relocation – all major and costly sources of disruption when deciding to move. One of the benefits of a loft conversion is the avoidance of this hassle. Some of our clients have commented that after the completion of their loft conversion, the transformation to their property is like living in a brand new home!