You’ve met the team that work on the projects, now meet the RSJ office team! These are the people that work behind the scenes, in a nice warm office, making sure everything that needs to be in place, is.

An introduction to the RSJ office team:

Name: Simon. Or “Ginge.”

Position: Director.

Ginge is a Co-Director of the company, but more importantly, he’s the Project Manager. He orchestrates the smooth running of all the projects and allocates team members to suit.

Lovely, kind, with a wicked sense of humour and quick wit, Ginge fancies himself as a bit of a dancer. Can be found at various disco’s frequently cutting some shapes and showing off his skills on the dance floor.

Ginge’s background is joinery and he truly has a passion for the building industry. He always strives to be the best he can be, and do the best he can do. This is reflected by how many satisfied clients we have.

Name: Jonathan. Or “Jonny.” (Inventive or what!)

Position: Director.

Jonny is the other Co-Director, and 50% of the driving force behind RSJ. His background is plastering, which unfortunately he wasn’t very keen on! He deals with the financial side of all the projects, making sure that clients benefit from the best deals possible.

His main passion in life (apart from his wife and kids!) is Manchester United (booooo!) for reasons only known to himself. He is resourceful, kind and thoughtful, although you may not think that when you meet him as he’s about 6’ 8” tall and pretty well built. Can look a bit scary, but he’s a gentle giant really, and as you can see, he hates having his photo taken!

Jonny also takes great pride in his work, making sure that at the end of each project clients are 100% satisfied with the work that’s been carried out.

Name: Shoana. Or “Shimla.” Or “Sho-ana Banana.” (again, don’t ask!)

Position: Customer Relations Manager.

Shoana is the backbone of the RSJ office team, ensuring the smooth running of the office and all procedures. She is your first point of contact, and she will ensure that your experience with RSJ is a positive one, answering all your queries where possible, or if she can’t she will find someone that can.

Shoana is married and is a yummy Mummy to 3 lovely children yet still manages to bring sparkle everywhere she goes.  She’s our very own Unicorn!

Most renowned for her fab-U-lous ‘hair do’, she really is a cut above!

Name: Lottie. Or “Pooch.”

Position: Usually in her bed!

Lottie is the office dog. She’s a gorgeous springer with a lovely nature. She likes to give out cuddles and jump on your knee when you’re least expecting it! She belongs to Ginge, but loves everyone in the office because they all have treats in their drawers. She’s very fickle!

She often chews sticks and makes a mess for others to clean up. She also likes to chew tennis balls and leaves. Anything really, she’s not fussy in that respect!

Lottie steals the heart of any dog lover who comes into the office, and will give you the best greeting you’ve ever had!

The RSJ office team are like a little family, including Pooch!

You can meet the lads here if you’ve not done so already.