When you’re struggling for space, you could consider various options. You could opt for an extension to your house, a loft conversion, or a garage conversion. We can provide you with the garage conversion inspiration you need! RSJ are the conversion specialists. We can open up the living space in your existing home in the most affordable, practical way: by transforming your garage into an enjoyable space for all the family!
Converting your garage into a usable room is an easy way to create more space in your home, and can even add value to your house! We have compiled a few of our top ideas for your garage conversion.

Garage conversion Inspiration:


If your garage connects directly to your kitchen, extending it into a large kitchen/diner space can transform your home. With more families spending an increasing amount of time socialising and entertaining from the kitchen, creating a large open space can be extremely useful and a great investment for your home.
Consider knocking the wall down and extending your kitchen counters in a popular L or U-Shape to open up the space. It’s also a good idea to carefully consider design elements, and whether you want the space to be strictly a kitchen, or a mix of kitchen, dining room, and a bit of living space too.


Converting your garage into an annex can be a great solution for family members who may need a little added privacy. This option is best suited to an unattached, double garage. An annex provides privacy and space to the occupant, whether it’s an elderly relative living with the family, an older child who wants more independence. It could even be a stylish extra room for guests!

Home office.

Your unused garage can be converted to make the perfect home office. This is ideal for people who want to work from home as it avoids the distractions family and home comforts can create. You can install wooden flooring and stylish lighting to create a comfortable, modern feel. If you have windows overlooking your garden, this can be a great position for your desk. It’s really important that you have sufficient heating installed when converting your garage, as cold temperatures can cause discomfort and a loss of productivity when working.


Are you a fitness enthusiast? (or aspiring to be one!?) Most fitness enthusiasts dream of having a home gym – no need to get up extra early, no queues for equipment! With your very own home gym, you can choose the equipment you need, and have a space to exercise whenever you want.
Hardwood or vinyl flooring are great options for your home gym. They are very durable and easy to clean. You’ll also want to ensure the correct lighting is installed. Opt for neutral tones so you can focus on your workout, with no distractions.

Living room.

If you’re simply in need of some added space due to a growing family, converting your garage into a live-able room is the obvious choice. It could be a child-specific playroom for games and relaxing, or an alternative sitting area for the whole family. Whichever option you choose, the extra space is invaluable to a large family. Large comfortable sofas and low-level lights will make this space the perfect place to relax, whilst installing entertainment systems such as a TV, stereo, or games console allows you to have some family fun too.
Our expert team at RSJ specialise in transforming your property to offer the maximum living space. We’re on hand to help you convert your unused garage into a live-able, welcoming environment, no matter what function you decide the room will serve.

If you need any more inspiration, you can have a look at our garage conversions here, or you can download our brochure for free.