If you’re struggling to make a decision on which window style you should choose, read on for a little help!

A skylight window is relatively easy to fit as you don’t have to make a lot of structural alterations to accommodate it. Usually, the rafters on either side of the skylight window are doubled-up and trimmed across the top of the opening. There are many different options for skylights. For instance, there are lots of colour choices you can have if you want to add a blind. This means that you easily match your blind to the colour scheme of your room. If you want a fancy bit of kit, you can even get skylights with rain sensors, so when the good old British summer time arrives, you can go out to work and leave your skylight window open, and when it rains (as it always does in summer!), your window will automatically close! Skylights are also a good choice if you like to look up at the stars on a clear night, you can see out, but nobody can see in!

On the other hand, dormer windows are actually structures in themselves. They have walls and a roof as well as the window itself. Dormer windows that are at the rear of many properties can, and quite often do fall into the category of a “permitted development” and therefore might not need any planning permission. However, if you have them at the front of the house, they will require planning permission. It is for this reason that you will more commonly see skylights at the front of properties and dormers at the rear.

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