Most people are genuinely concerned about the disruption that will be caused to their home life whilst having any type of building works carried out. Concerns about dust, smells, leaks, and strangers in their house are normally top of the list. All of these can occur at some point in the loft conversion process.

Loft conversion process.

The RSJ way causes the absolute minimum of disruption and fuss. This is largely due to the fact that we will put up scaffolding as our working platform. We will access the loft space via a custom made access point in the roof, which means we are only in the loft space and not making a mess through the rest of the house. We will continue to work this way until the stairs are ready to go in.


Once the stairs have been made and delivered, we will create the access area (hole in the ceiling) to fit them. This is the messiest part of the project; hence, we leave it as long as we can before they are fitted. We would recommend that all doors are kept closed during this part of the conversion. We clean up at the end of each day so any floating dust should be at a minimum when you arrive home. Each staircase is designed and created specifically to fit the needs and style of the house. You can see some different options in our blog about stairs. Once the stairs are in, the majority of the messy work will be done, and by that time, we won’t be strangers anymore!

Keeping pets and children safe.

We always advise that pets and children are kept well away from the work area until it is completely finished. It might be a good idea to block off the stairs if possible; we all know how tempting it is to go somewhere you shouldn’t!

The safety of our clients and their families is paramount on every project we carry out. We understand how strange it is to hand over their homes to strangers, which is why it’s important to choose the right contractor for the project. If you need guidance on choosing the right builder, click here.

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