We have all heard the horror stories but finding a builder doesn’t need to be difficult. Here are our top tips for finding the right builder for your project.

  1. Make sure that they’re insured. They should have, and be able to provide you with, copies of their insurance for Employers Liability, and also Public Liability. If they can’t provide these, perhaps they are not the ones for you.
  1. Check out their testimonials. If they can’t give you any, ask yourself why. Testimonials are a great way to get to know a builder or company, especially if they have video testimonials. You can view ours here so you know what to look for >>
  1. Ask them what guarantees they can offer you. Will they give you a 12-month guarantee? 5 years? 10 years? Lifetime? It’s always worth finding this out in advance as it speaks volumes about the quality of their work, and their confidence in it.
  1. Ask the audience! Put a post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Streetlife, and any other social media site you can think of. You know you’ll receive genuine feedback from social media, and it will more than likely be “no holds barred” feedback! You’ll soon know who to avoid and who people are more than willing to recommend.
  1. Request to go and visit at least one of their previous jobs. If you do get to go and see one, pay attention to the finishing and the aesthetics, and make sure you’d be happy with the overall outcome of that job if it was your property.