When you’re choosing your loft or garage conversion specialist, or any other builder for that matter, make sure you find out what guarantees you will get if you instruct them.

Try to figure out what is important to you before you invite companies round. Do you want a fixed price guarantee? A guaranteed start date? Lifetime guarantee? Materials guarantee?

Fixed Price Guarantee.

The fixed price guarantee is a great guarantee to look for, but obviously, this will only apply to the works that have been quoted. If there are any unforeseen works that are uncovered in the duration of the project, they will obviously be chargeable if you want them to be carried out.

Guaranteed Start Date.

A guaranteed start date is one that companies tend to stick to because all the work is usually planned out in advance. Unless there’s anything major that goes wrong on the job before yours, you should be ok.

Lifetime Guarantee.

What happens if something goes wrong a few months down the line? If you called the company that did your conversion would they come and see you? Or would they avoid your calls? We believe it’s really important for you to know that you’re in safe hands. We want you to know that you won’t be ignored if you have any issues after our job is done.

Completion Date Guarantee.

If you need your project to be completed by a certain time, this is a really good guarantee to go for. Again, it will be dependent on whether any unforeseen works are found in the duration of your project. If this is the case then there will need to be additional time allocated to carry out those works if you instruct them to do so.

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