Are you looking to convert your garage into a kitchen? Read on for some inspiration!

Everybody knows that the kitchen is the heart of the home these days. As Jona Lewie’s famous song says “You’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties!” If you want to convert your garage into a kitchen, we have some cracking ideas for you!

Obviously, your kitchen needs to be a multifunctional space, one where you can entertain guests, and enjoy every day family time too!

There are some amazing ideas out there on the internet, but we’d start with a fabulous breakfast bar. For entertaining, a double-sided one would be amazing, or a curved one like this. The fact that it’s curved makes it easier for a group to socialise as you’re not all sat in a line staring at the wall!


The addition of a wine/beer fridge in your kitchen is always a talking point (and will probably get more use than the actual fridge!) This is cute little fridge that will hold a fair few bottles.

For a fabulous American Fridge freezer to compliment your wine/beer fridge, check these out. There are also many standard fridge freezers available on the same site.

You could go for the wow factor with a stylish and extremely practical range cooker and hood.

If you’re planning a smaller kitchen in the garage conversion, you’ll need to plan it out in a little more detail. Perhaps a drop leaf breakfast bar rather than a static one for example. You’ll need to think about cupboard space and storage, for some amazing storage solution ideas have a look here.

We could go on for ages about all sorts of fantastic gadgets you can get for your kitchen, but we’ll leave you with a couple of links for sinks – and taps –

Converting to a dining area? Check out our Divine Dining blog for more ideas.

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