Need a loft conversion, but scared of emptying your loft?

If your loft is full of years’ worth of clutter, but you need extra space in your home we have some genius ideas to organise your belongings. Firstly, if you haven’t looked at it, or used in in the last 6 months, GET RID OF IT! If you absolutely can’t bear to be without it, then make sure it’s put away in an orderly fashion with our top 5 storage tips.

1. Built in Wardrobes

Sounds like an obvious solution, but getting it right is essential to maximise your storage space. Any little corner of your loft that would otherwise be an unused space, can be turned into a cupboard, or a shoe storage are, or anything else that you might think of!


2. Under Stair Storage

Again, a simple solution, but makes the best of a space that is usually completely unused. There’s plenty of space to store books, craft items, memory boxes, or any other items that might be lurking in your loft!


3. In Stair Storage

This is just an amazing idea! You can utilise your under stairs space from a different angle. Perfect for shoes, book bags, and winter woollies.


4. Built in Eaves Storage

A perfect idea for either a bedroom or a home office. Fully customisable to provide plenty storage space for anything you need. You could even make the top part a fold out desk!


5. Bench Storage

Fabulous for a child’s bedroom or an adult’s bedroom. This is an easy solution to storage needs – 1 or 2 bookcases on their side, with boxes in each hole! Perfect for storing lego so you don’t stand on it! (Ouch!) You can then cover them with cushions and hey presto, a comfy bench!


If you’re thinking of converting your loft, give us a call on 01943 871027 to speak to a member of our friendly team.