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bedroom inspiration

Bedroom Inspiration for your loft.

by Jonathan Reed • 03/11/2017

Bedroom Inspiration. If you are looking for bedroom inspiration for your loft conversion, then look no further! Whether you want to convert your loft into a luxurious bedroom for yourself or into a funky, fun space for a child, we can help you out. Luxury bedroom inspiration. Imagine curling up in your favourite pj’s in […]


Loft or garage conversion?

by Jonathan Reed • 27/10/2017

Why would you want a loft or garage conversion? Here are the top three reasons people consider getting a loft or garage conversion done: They need more space in their home. Sometimes, people like to have a spare room so that friends and relatives can stay over should the need ever arise. This would normally […]

Gas safe engineer

Gas Safe Engineer

by Jonathan Reed • 13/10/2017

Why do you need an annual boiler service? You should get your boiler serviced on a regular basis by a gas safe engineer to ensure it is functioning as it should do. If your boiler is faulty, you are probably wasting money as it won’t be operating as efficiently as it should. Regular servicing ensures […]

Find out more about RSJ Loft & Garage Conversions in our latest video

by Jonathan Reed • 18/09/2017

Here at RSJ we want you to get to know all about us! After all, we like to get to know all about you! We feel that the more we know about you, the more we can help you achieve the space you and your family deserve. If you’re a family with young children, are […]

Creating additional bedrooms

Creating additional bedrooms

by Jonathan Reed • 14/09/2017

Although there are advantages of two or more children sharing a space, there are also several disadvantages. You can avoid these by creating additional bedrooms, which negates the need for sharing, and encourages independence. All sorts of issues and conflicts will undoubtedly arise at some point whilst your little (or not so little) ones are […]

Loft Conversion in Guiseley

Loft Conversion in Guiseley

by Jonathan Reed • 25/04/2017

Loft Conversion in Guiseley. If you’re running out of space in your home, having a loft conversion in Guiseley is definitely something to consider instead of having to move. If you live in Guiseley, you pretty much have everything you need around you without having to go into the bustling centre of Leeds. Having said […]

approval and building regs

Planning – Approval and Building Regs

by Jonathan Reed • 06/04/2017

Planning your loft conversion – part 3 & 4. This blog about approval and building regs follows on from our previous blog, Planning – Concept and Design. If you haven’t read it yet, you can click here to read it now. Approval and Building Regs. Part 3 – The Approval: Some loft conversion projects will […]

concept and design

Planning – Concept and Design

by Jonathan Reed • 30/03/2017

Planning your loft conversion, Part 1 & 2. Where do you begin? To help you get started, we have put together this handy guide to planning your loft conversion, starting with the concept and design. These days, many people find themselves struggling for space however, they are unable to afford to move home. This has […]

Loft Conversion in Leeds

Loft Conversion in Leeds

by Jonathan Reed • 23/03/2017

Loft Conversion in Leeds. If you live in the Leeds area and you’re thinking about relocating to get a bigger house, don’t! Consider a loft conversion instead. Getting a loft conversion in Leeds is far better than moving away, and here’s just a few reasons why: In a recent survey, Leeds was voted one of […]

Loft Conversion in Harrogate

Loft Conversion in Harrogate.

by Jonathan Reed • 21/03/2017

If you live in Harrogate and you’re considering moving away to get a bigger house, don’t! Consider a loft conversion instead. Having a loft conversion in Harrogate is far better than having to move out of this fabulous area. Harrogate is one of the most beautiful places to live, and has been voted 3 times […]

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