Why would you want a loft or garage conversion?

Here are the top three reasons people consider getting a loft or garage conversion done:

  1. They need more space in their home. Sometimes, people like to have a spare room so that friends and relatives can stay over should the need ever arise. This would normally be a garage conversion, so it can also be used an extra room, perhaps a playroom for the kids, whilst there is nobody staying.
  2. They have an expanding family and need an extra bedroom/bathroom. Usually this would be a loft conversion, and the parents will end up in the new (best) room, whilst the eldest moves into the previous master bedroom and so on.
  3. They work from home and need a home office. This could be either a loft or a garage conversion; both work equally well and each can be designed to meet the specific needs of any individual.


On top of the benefits of meeting your needs and enhancing your home life, you will have the added bonus of increasing the value of your home. This can be up to as much as 25%! This means that when you come to sell your house it will be worth a lot more than you originally paid for it. In many cases, you will get more money back than you actually paid for the conversion in the first place!

Are you struggling for space? Do you need an extra room for family, office or any other reason? Get in touch with us! We will come and survey your property for free, and provide you with a fully comprehensive proposal to carry out your conversion.

You can contact us on 01943 871027, or Office@RSJLoftConversions.co.uk

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