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Loft Conversion in Harrogate

Loft Conversion in Harrogate.

If you live in Harrogate and you’re considering moving away to get a bigger house, don’t! Consider a loft conversion instead. Having a loft conversion in Harrogate is far better than having to move out of this fabulous area. Harrogate is one of the most beautiful places to live, and has been voted 3 times […]

by Jonathan Reed • 21/03/2017
cowboy builders

Cowboy builders

We’ve all seen the TV show Cowboy Builders so we’re all fully aware of what a minefield it can be when you’re choosing a builder. Here are a few issues that crop up on a regular basis with Cowboy Builders: Timing. Most commonly, the builder will turn up late and leave early, or perhaps just […]

by Jonathan Reed • 16/03/2017
small loft

Small loft conversions ideas

Small Loft? No problem! Loft conversions are a fantastic way of gaining more space in your home, regardless of whether it is a large or small loft. If your small loft restricts your options, or you have a limited budget, there are still conversion options that will benefit your home. Here at RSJ, we carry […]

by Jonathan Reed • 09/03/2017
staircase image

Staircase options for Lofts

Staircases are invariably tricky to design for any project. Normally space is the main factor to keep in mind when you are considering the design or style of your new staircase. A headroom of 2m (78.7 in) is considered adequate; however, special considerations can be made for loft conversions. Winding staircase. Staircases with narrow winding […]

by Jonathan Reed • 06/03/2017
roof structure

Planning Points – Roof structure.

A loft conversion can be a solution to your storage problems; however, the first thing you need to do is find out if it’s feasible. This depends largely on the roof structure, and how it was constructed. Determine your roof structure. Pre 1960 build: Roof structure and it’s construction is one of the most important […]

by Jonathan Reed • 24/02/2017
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